Industrial Applications

Furson has extensive experience and patented technology ,

committed to providing the solutions to special industrial valves,so as to meet the needs of users in harsh conditions and strict safety and environmental protection.

LNG Industry

LNG Industry


Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is easy to transport and store compared with compressed natural gas (CNG). Petroleum gas is pressurized to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) at room temperature, and natural gas is liquefied into LNG at low temperatures (as low as -160 °C). Cryogenic valves are used in polar   climates or exposed to the condition of rapid gas decompression. It’s necessary for its design to take it into consideration whether they can operate properly in freezing conditions.

Cryogenic valve is typically used in the condition of liquefied gas , such as LNG, which needs to operate at very low temperatures. Double-seat cryogenic valves require special seating design to ensure that midplane tends to relieve pressure and ensure good sealing performance of lower reaches.


Cryogenic Valve、Bursting disc safety devices