Industrial Applications

Furson has extensive experience and patented technology ,

committed to providing the solutions to special industrial valves,so as to meet the needs of users in harsh conditions and strict safety and environmental protection.

Power industry

Power Industry


The expansion of heating steam driving turbines is a way of generating electricity, which is still the most important way to meet the demand for industrial and civil power generation. Generating capacity produced by conventional fossil fuels accounts for about 80% of total electricity output, and this distribution will continue for decades to come.

Utilizing CHP, biofuels or other waste from human activities to generate electricity is also evolving. Valves used in this type of project must be capable of overcoming high temperature and be suitable for the mediums, such as mud and bulk.

Over the past few decades, conventional power stations have increased efficiency of power generation and reduced emissions by increasing operating temperature and pressure.

In order to increase resistance to creep, increase durability and ensure reliable functionality throughout the life cycle in harsh operating conditions, valves, turbines and other pressure equipment require constantly renewing materials and production processes.


High temperature and pressure valve for power station、Bursting disc safety devices、Explosion-proof Board.