Industrial Applications

Furson has extensive experience and patented technology ,

committed to providing the solutions to special industrial valves,so as to meet the needs of users in harsh conditions and strict safety and environmental protection.

Refined Petroleum and Chemical Industry

Refined Petroleum and Chemical Industry


Petroleum and natural gas are the main raw materials for the petrochemical industry. Refineries process crude oil and produce liquid fuels of different densities, characteristics and functions by thermal cracking. Refined residues are also reprocessed according to their type, actual needs and local regulations.

Petrochemical industry reduces its corrosiveness and impurities by filtering and processing oil and gas, and produces the chemicals and synthetic materials needed through complex and professional processes.

Working conditions of Petrochemical and chemical industry have the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure, non-clean and strong corrosion. Special valves produced by Furson are widely used in the petrochemical and chemical industry.


Breather Valves、Flame Arresters、Emergency Relief Valves、Blanket Gas Regulators、Bursting disc safety devices.