About us

Furson has extensive experience and patented technology ,

committed to providing the solutions to special industrial valves,so as to meet the needs of users in harsh conditions and strict safety and environmental protection.

About us

Solutions to Specialty Valves

As a well-known special valve manufacturer at home, Furson has been committed to R&D  and production of special valves, and devoting to improving the ability to meet the customer needs which is increasingly stringent technical, facilitating providing a variety of industrial with the solutions to special valves.

The entire manufacturing process is controlled by Furson’s strict internal administrative standards, which goes throughout every link in the production chain, including the research and development, casting, finishing, assembly, and testing of all products. Furson’s products have been certified by various authorities at home and abroad, compliant with high standards and specification.

  Products manufactured by Furson involve Cryogenic Valve、Corrosion resistant alloy valves、High temperature and pressure valve used in hydrogenation device、Breather Valves、Flame Arresters、Emergency Relief Valves、Explosion Isolation Flap Valves、Flameless Explosion Venting Device、and Explosion-proof Board, etc., which service for Oil refining, chemical, oil, natural gas, power plants, pipelines, dust transportation, low temperature storage and transportation, and other industrial fields. Our product quality has been widely recognized by a large number of users and engineering companies in industry.