Furson has extensive experience and patented technology ,

committed to providing the solutions to special industrial valves,so as to meet the needs of users in harsh conditions and strict safety and environmental protection.


Furson has dozens of experienced technical engineers with many years of professional experience in special valves. We can provide our customers with selection and customization of valves to give them the best solution.

Training and guidance

Furson provides customers with training and guidance about product knowledge, including valve technology, valve operation and maintenance, industrial standards, aimed at offering customers better use of Furson's special valves in accordance with standard specifications.

Carrying guarantee

Furson provides customers with all-weather, professional and efficient support, including installation, guaranteeing transportation, final adjustment, etc. With our professional support, the service life of the product can be prolonged.

After-Sales Service

Furson can provide the response for on-site maintenance, system inspection within 24 hours, and can make timely assessment to make suggestions on spare parts supply. Our goal is to maintain long-term cooperation with customers, and to provide customers with long-term high-quality services.